Welcome to Technical Analysis Team, TA.TEAM


My nine year experience with old site taught me that most of the people are not earning from market. Yes this is true, many people try to learn they join some courses, learn all strategy and theories but when it’s time for practical everything goes for a toss. They start losing money and after sometime leave market. This is everyone’s story and to change I have a solution.

TEAM means Together Everyone Achieves More. We will work in team. Team will give us confidence and if any one member goes wrong others will guide. Many a times when we work individually we miss a small indicator or two and realise later when trade goes against us. But when all team member work on same strategy chances of diverting from strategy is zero.


So introducing a new concept TA.TEAM

In TA.TEAM we will learn, earn and most importantly will grow old together. We will form several teams and each team will have team leader. One team will work on only one strategy. There will be separate rooms for each team. Whenever required strategy will be fine-tuned to cater changing market needs. Stocks entry exit will be decided by team members under the guidance of team leader. This is just an overview how team will work but complete guide will be presented to members during team orientation.


We started our journey as a team on 8th November 2017 with motto that all team members earn from market and always remain together. Come join our team.