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So far the SAR LONG not yet triggered. RSI & STOCHA are above 50, but EMA crossover pending.

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Well SAR long is going okay for now. EOD Chart 02/04/2013

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Common question of gap down, gap up is answered today. Market gives you back if you follow market. Just believe Market and SAR.

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I am hoping everyone is clear with the concept and can do trade on their own without any help. What all is needed
'READING THE CHART' and let mind do not play emotions. Just follow the chart readings and infer the chart from the set of defined rules and trade.




I will stop updating this thread since the content and information is enough for doing SAR trading.


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thanks raja bhai... i was a great help that last whole week i am implementing this and getting huge benefit out of it .

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Thanks alot Raja for this strategy, but why u want something good to stop, Just keep rolling it as and when happens. New people who join may get benefit from this thread

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maarish bhai: Glad to see that you are using the system and getting benefits.

dprem bro: I think there is enough content/information available about the system in this thread. I feel there is no need to post the further updates on this. That is the reason, I am stopping the updates on this thread. New comers should be able to read the thread and able to do the setup on their own and also should be able to do the trades on their own.

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I have verified with Crude commodity (paper trades) and crude is respecting the SAR signals (30 min time frame), but whipsaws are quite often (only small profits during whipsaws) and trader should be like chameleon in changing the trade position. If trader switch as per SAR signal, then trader can enter into huge profits over period of time.

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Well updating the thread, since I wanted to say that the EMA crossover pending made my day today. It saved me from entering longs. SAR Short continue to hold. Market gives reward if we follow market trend, else gives (punishment) gift. Follow market trend, do not predict. Just follow.

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SAR long not yet triggered, hoping for it tomorrow.

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SAR LONGS TRIGGERED. Shorts taken @5655 (actual SAR @5725) closed @5577. 

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DT bro asked question of huge gap downs (lower circuit)/gap ups (upper circuit)  opposite to SAR positions.

For a simple gap down/gap up scenario, SAR system is shown the result. Check the thread http://www.niftypundit.com/topic/simple-ema-stocha-rsi-stop-reverse-trading-system.html?page=4#10669 and also http://www.niftypundit.com/uploads/1365099946.PNG

Now let's take of upper circuit/lower circuit related possibilities.So let's discuss when this can happen? Upcoming event is INFY results, and howmuch %ge weightage in NIFTY. Can INFY alone make a circuit in NIFTY, my answer is NO. Next  is RBI event. Can this event create a circuit in NIFTY, my answer is again NO. It only triggers for a huge move, but profit booking can make the NIFTY to incline towards 12/34 EMA and where we switch to the market trend again.

Now let's take the scenarios of biggest scams that can influence counry economy, wars in the globe that can trigger major panic across the globe. Does this happen in a day, no normally this will be coming with news now and then and of sudden it
become reality.

Elections is one event that can influence the economy expectations. This event also predictable atleast and won't come sudden. When these scenarios happens, along with SAR position, we can take hedged positions to avoid huge losses. But normal trading
days these precautions not required.

If anyone still have questions, feel free to post their questions and I would be happy to answer and make the SAR system more comfortable to everyone.  Let's follow the MARKET trend and it rewards. Do not get biased or get sticky about specific targets or numbers.

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thnx raja bhai  for valuable information

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SAR EOD Update : 11 April 2013

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very good going rajaji

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Dear friends, see the answer for the question. INFY from 2916 to 2339 (20% cut and almost circuit in the opening). Nifty made 5591 to 5530. SAR Long taken at 5577. CMP is 5545 (when writing this update). As per the SAR system last generated trade, we are in loss of 32 points as of now. SAR Short is not yet triggered. If it trigger, I will update here and in Equity room.