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Thanks Raja & ameya ji :)

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Hello Sanjay Ji,

I am also in learning process. Please guide me from where i can download CCI Woodies AFL and from where should i buy data for Amibroker software.

Your help is highly appreciated.


Amit Arora

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Amit ji go thru the afl sharing section ..u'll find all afl's there..

regarding data feed just google it...there r multiple feed providers..cant mention the names here .



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Thanks sanjay guru


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Both IDFC and COPPER sell running , its time to book partial profit in both and run balance with cost as SL..

Happy Trading

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Copper tgt hit ... now wait for new entry

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Hi sanjay sir, may i know how to scan zlr patterns, i was reading saamu sir thread, but it seems like he's not online these days. Amibroker exploration do this work as i read in that thread, but sir, can we do it multiple timeframe analysis? if someone scanning 150 stocks , should he plot 150 stocks charts in amibroker?


posted by AjayR on Mon Sep 22, 2014 04:52 pm


Hi Monty -

Let me take the liberty to explain scanning for ZLR patterns,respected seniors of this group has shared the afl for Woodies pattern (shared by Sanjayji as well as Shammu ji) ,go to analysis tab of Amibroker and select the respective afl  against the formula section and then click on Explore,this will scan the complete list of stocks that you have for Patterns (if you are using shammu sir's afl,then that will scan for ZLR,HFE,GB100,FAMIR  and CHOPPY patterns.(you can select the to and from dates for ZLR scanning period.)


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Hi ajayR sir, thanks for info. I've   post2 ,page2 post 32, page5 post 100 and page 6 post 101 woodies system.  May i know which one i should use for scanning zlr and other pattern? and Is it possible to do it in automatic way rather pressing explore buttong again n again. and May i know, which datafeed are you using for amibroker? Is it by nest trader or any vendor? 


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I was asking for vendor, I was reading few recent posts on internet, data vendor not gonna work for automatic scanning ? Can I use multiple timeframes with it ? 



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AjayR sir Sorry for previous post, it's bit fast,  I asked for vendor because I was reading few posts on somewhere on internet,  they mentioned data vendor datafeed not gonna work properly for automatic scanning? their mean i guess i've to take datafeed from nest trader? Is it true ? When I do scan scripts, can i use multiple timeframes , Is it written in exploration? or Is there any other way for doing it ?



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 Your trades must be based on clearly defined rules. You have to analyze your feelings as you trade, to make sure that your decisions are intellectually sound. You have to structure your money management so that no string of losses can kick you out of the game. 

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Saammu if u see this..pls confirm the counts