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posted by sanjay on Sat Feb 13, 2016 08:39 am


Hi friends posting one trading plan for small traders,

Hope it helps all.

If any recommendations or corrections in the plan ... views are welcome.


posted by sanjay on Sat Feb 13, 2016 08:42 am

  1. Pls trade in multiple of 4 Lots.
  2. Book 2 lots @ Risk Reward(RR) 1:1/1.5 depending on the mkt strength.
  3. Once RR exeeds 1.5 trail sl to cost for the balance 2 lots.
  4. Book another lot @ RR 3.
  5. Keep trailing the remaining lot till tsl hits.
  6. Trailing  lvls after 2nd tgt hit can be done in 2 ways.

    1st : increase the trail by 5 points for every 10 points rise.

    (10 for 20 in case of bank nifty)

    2nd: keep tsl below/above the previous two 5 mins candle lows/highs.


    Nifty fut bot @ 7000 with sl 6985

    Scene 1:

    SL hits … Loss 15x4=60 points.

    Scene 2:

    Book 2 lots @ 7015 (we take the conservative RR 1:1)

    Sl hits for the balance 2 … Zero profit/Loss

    Scene 3:

    Book 2 lots @ 7015 … 15x2=30

    Mkt crosses 7020 (we start trailing to cost) and then tsl hits

    Profit 30 points

    Scene 4:

    Book 2 lots @ 7015 … 15x2=30

    Mkt crosses 7020 (we start trailing to cost) goes on to 7030

    Book one more lot 30 points …we have booked 30+30=60 points

    Start trailing the remaining lot as per the above.

    Certain Rules to be followed:

    1: Try taking the trades with max 15/20 points sl in nifty and

    30/40 points in bank Nifty.

    2: Always trade with the same nos of lots.

    3: Trade with the plan religiously.. Don’t mix any other strategy

    Once the trade is on.

    4: If sl hits twice in a day… Call it a day…There's always another day.

    5: Last but not the least..Maintain strict stoplosses whatever be


    Same system can be applied while trading in options too.

    This is a trading plan and nothing to do with identifying trades.

    The plan may not give u bumper profits but am sure will give

    Decent returns with minimal risk if followed to the teeth.

    "Slow but Steady"

    Hope this helps all the traders maintain a decent returns.

     Thanks and Regards,


posted by shivsh on Sat Feb 13, 2016 06:17 pm