Single in scale out ........strategy

posted by Jadhav on Wed Oct 24, 2018 06:59 am


Bhavesh: trade with 3 lots----if SL is Rs 10--- book one lot at Rs 5 and move SL for other two to Rs 5 and then book 2nd lot at Rs 10 and keep SL for third lot at cost now run this third lot as ur Multi bagger

Bhavesh: try to use this single in scale out money management system

Bhavesh: bhai i used word lot read it as 3 packets

nitish: okie boss

Bhavesh: if u have money to BUY X than each packet of size X/3

Bhavesh: mujhe aadat hai free mein bak bak karne ki manna nhi manna aapki marzi :D

nitish: book one lot at Rs 5 means ?

nitish: 15 ?

Bhavesh: dekho koi bhi trade lete ho u trade with SL right?

nitish: for delivery calls stoploss is must ?

Bhavesh: for all types of stocks

nitish: if LONG term view 2-3 years ?

Bhavesh: every stock each n every trade shud be with SL if ur trading plan is not giving SL at time of entry it shud give some sort or exit signal and also and then use one HARD STOP

nitish: from where should i start

nitish: ?

Bhavesh: nitish bhai food in front of u start eating

Bhavesh: i have seen u in room several times still u dont know whats the link to start learning

Jadhav: vo stop loss vala rahe gaya na

Bhavesh: ok explain karta hoon

Bhavesh: if am entering BUY at 100 rs and SL is 90 rs

Jadhav: ok

Bhavesh: thn use 3 lot to BUY at 100

Bhavesh: if loss u will be loosing 3x10

Jadhav: yes

Bhavesh: now for first lot keep trg SL/2==10/2

Bhavesh: at 105

Jadhav: ok

Bhavesh: and trail SL for remaining 2 up by SL/2

Jadhav: 95

Bhavesh: so now u have Rs 5 in profit and SL for remaining two lots at 95

Jadhav: yes

Bhavesh: now if SL hit u will loose === 2x5-5==Rs 5

Bhavesh: and trg for 2nd lot at SL==10 rs

Bhavesh: and move SL for third lot at cost that is at 100

Bhavesh: now u have Rs 5+10 in profit and third lot free at cost Rs 100

Jadhav: ok

Bhavesh: and book this third at ur will jab marzi kare and jab pet bhar jaye

Jadhav: ok

Bhavesh: strategy is called "single in scale out" you can google and learn more about it


posted by Jadhav on Wed Oct 24, 2018 11:10 am