Stock Market View For The Week 24/02/2014 to 28/02/2014

posted by Paritosh on Sun Feb 23, 2014 11:33 am


Weekly View :-

Last week Nifty had closed at around 6050 levels, and it was cleared mentioned in my previous week outlook that, bulls are showing capacity and will surpass bears at 6100 levels.

And exactly Nifty in the last week after opening at 6057 crossed 6100 levels making a high of 6160 and managed to closed at higher levels at 6155.

Now for the coming, bears are standing with full force at 6200 levels and bulls at 6100 levels, thus the fight between bulls and bears will continue which wont lead Nifty to cross 6200 on the upside nor 6100 on the downside.

But what about 6150 level? Here it can be seen that bulls are taking charge and bears are falling week, thus indicating that Nifty will hower in and around 6150 levels and most probably will close around 6150 this expiry.

Support and Resistance for the week are :-

Support @ 6145-6150-6080

Resistance @ 6160-6190-6220

Weekly Levels:

Nifty :

Remain long above 6160 with SL @ 6145 for a target of 6190-6205-6220

Remain short below 6130 with SL @ 6145 for a target of 6105-6090-6075

L&T :

Remain long above 1044 with SL @ 1038 for a target of 1052-1060-1072

Remain short below 1032 with SL @ 1038 for a target of 1025-1018-1011

Happy Trading....... 

posted by Paritosh on Tue Feb 25, 2014 12:52 pm


Nifty :- long side third target given 6220 ... made a high of 6216 till now .... book full

LNT :- all targets on long side till 1072 done